Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Of thunderclouds and paper recycle bins

The sky sure looked menacing this morning, but nothing came of it, really. That made our kitty Zelda Mae happy! She hates the rain and oddly blames us when it's wet outside.

She had us all riled up BTW by catching the same unfortunate bird twice. First she ran upstairs with it but I followed her and so she changed her mind and went downstairs again (I just know that I will find some ripe dead bird corpse under my bed one day and it will freak me out!).

Nene caught her - still holding the bird - and yelled for me to come down (I was closing all the bedroom doors just in case). When she finally dropped her prey we put the cat in the hall and pursued the fledgling ( a female house sparrow) ...under the table...behind the kitchen cabinet...table....under the cabinet again....

It wasn't flying well but it disappeared in the neighboring gardens so we went inside to do some work. When she brought the same bird in again some two hours later Nene decided to take it further out. I don't think it will make it to adulthood :-(

Yesterday I bought some fruit plants for the back garden. We prefer usable (read edible) plants like herbs, fruit and veg over just ornamental ones. I was lucky to grab the last set of three small raspberry and 3 blackberry plants. Last week I just missed out on some nice blueberry plants so this made up for it!

What's this? We got paper recycle bins delivered in our hood today. The city had a test drive with these and it turned out to be a great success so it is official. Normally our old paper was collected by a local church once a month...I guess they are out of business now.

Kiwi update! The white flower has turned into this alien looking thing. In the heart of it you can already make out a little 'bub' that will turn (hopefully) into a kiwi.

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