Thursday, June 18, 2009

The ladies do battle

This is Indie, the 4 month old neighbor kitty. Indie is a Persian/tabby mix and a real talker. She likes to climb the fence whenever her blob isn't paying attention and show off her skills. She is very cute, this grey ball of furr with a little wet point on her tail (she sucks it).

Zelda Mae and Indie like to do some kung fu through the slats of the fence. Like most female cats, they don't really like each other. So there's lots of growling and hissing and paws going back and forth. Zelda Mae does her best to impress Indie with her warrior kitty moves, but.... is in fact the 4 month younger female who comes over the fence to dole out some whoop-ass!
Run Zelda Mae, RUN!! :-)

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