Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How does our garden grow

We have a small garden in the front and in the back of our house (and really....it's small - don't forget I live in Holland - there isn't much ground to go around here :-)

Although you won't see me doing much gardening (rosacea and sun don't go together) I do love nature and growing things ourselves. Like strawberries.

Look at this one! He will be yummy (if the slugs don't get to it first)

4 years ago we planted a blue grape and last year we had our first small crop, but alas there weren't enough warm summer days to make them tasty.

Let's hope this year we'll do better!

You know what these are? Kiwis!! Well....they're going to be kiwis one day. First they will be nice white flowers. Like the grape this plant is 4 years old and this is the first year it bears fruit. We are very excited about it.

And here is Zelda Mae, our kitty. She loves hanging out in the garden. Catching flies, dozing in the strawberry plants, stalking the birds. This is her first summer and so far she loves the outdoors!

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