Friday, June 12, 2009

I 'herd' it was your birthday - Today's Best at Zazzle

Wow, another TBA on Zazzle! This time it is one of my age specific "I 'herd' it was your birthday" B-day Cow greeting cards (going from age 1 to 100). I'm very happy with the way this card came out.

I just love cows (and bulls), don't you? They have been a part of my portfolio since I started painting. Over the years they've evolved quite a bit as you can see here:

"Rooie" (red bull -1994)

Bull (1995)

Reading Cow (1997)

"Zomer goud" (Summer Gold - 1999)

"spring cows" (2003)

"Cow and calf" (2004)

and a more comical version I've adapted for my smaller work (2004)

"Cow and calf" (2007)

and then I got my wacom Intuos :-)

Rest assured, there are many more cows to come!

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