Monday, June 15, 2009

Cows that jump and run

I still have cows on the brain!
This weekend I made a set of extreme sport (skydiving) cows. They will feature on 'good luck' and 'well done' greeting cards
- available at our store at Zazzle and GCU.

Very nice to send to a friend or loved-one who is planning to do some parachuting this summer.

Another - not so extreme - sport is running. My 'new' cows stand on two legs instead of all four and that gives me much more freedom to let them do all kinds of fun stuff. Like skydiving or running.

On my 'to do list' are cow on a bicycle, cow in a bi-plane, ballet cow, ice-skating cow, bungee jumping cow, surfing cow....oh the list is just endless. Just stay tuned to this blog :-)

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