Monday, July 4, 2011

Corrieweb is the Cat's Meow!

I love kitties!

I didn't have kitties untill Nene moved in with me. She was a real cat person whereas I only had dogs before. Not having kitties in my life didn't stop me from painting them, though. They're an irresistable subject.

In 2004 Miss Minny walked into our lives. Having a dog, birds and two guiniea pigs we weren't ready for a cat, but the universe decided we needed one, and that was that.

Miss Minny was very special and we loved her to pieces. So did Mo, our Cairn terrier. They died within a month of each other in 2007 (Mo of old age and Minny after a car accident) . That was a very rough time for Nene and me.

Zelda Mae came shortly thereafter. I found her on the internet, saw her picture and was sold!

We raised her well and now she is the scurge of the neighborhood. She loves to hang out with her best friend and neighbor kitty Baby Grizz.

Kitties inspire me a lot. They feature heavily in my work. So much so, that I filled a video with some of my favorite kitty designs.

Here are some other GCU artists inspired by their love for cats:



  1. Awww, how cute is Zelda Mae! We found our two kitties on the internet as well! I love your video, what a great idea. Your kitty illustrations are so cute and creative!


  2. Well Zelda Mae was an adorable kitten and as an adult she kind of looks like having a friend named Baby Grizz is appropriate...I bet they rule the neighborhood...hahaha!

    Loved your video too!! And Nene? Great job of converting another over to the Cat Side :-)

  3. Superlative as usual and your kittie video rocks!

  4. Corrie, I just love your art. The kittie vitteo is great..

  5. Corrie, Your kittie kids are adorable. I'm a huge fan of 'Corrie' creative talents and generousity in all you do. All your critter kids are truly blessed to have you and Nene for guardians and GCU equally blessed to have YOU. Thanks, as always, your lightning round challenges are fun and educational, not forgetting the great promo and networking for Greeting Card Universe artists! Cheers, Lisa, ~

  6. I love your cats :) And great video! What a fabulous idea! Glad you have joined the Cat Clans, lol.


  7. and thanks for featuring one of my cards :):)

  8. This is a fabulous apology for loving animals and cats in particular. Great video! It is a real marketing gem. Thanks for your dynamic marketing leading role. Your artistic work exudes humor and "joy de vivre" and I love it. I love a dog, but Zelda Mae could gain my heart. I love her distinguished head. Artcor7

  9. Love your kitties... and of course Zelda Mae!


  10. So nice to hear your story of your kitties other pets. What a darling video you created!

  11. Zelda Mae is a cutie. Thanks so much for all the energy you expend in encouraging other artists. We all love your work.

  12. Great piece, Corrie! Love your cats' attitudes, love their pictures, love your video and mostly I love your talent in capturing all that kitty humor and joy. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad Nene converted you. :)

    I also want to mention that I visited all the others in this Lightening Round, but had problems posting on the Squidoo Lenses and the Wordpress blogs, so my posts on those might not show up. :( Everyone had fantastic stories to tell and it really warmed my heart to read them and see all the cat lovers at GCU. :) Great topic! Thanks for choosing it, and also, like Rick said, thanks for putting so much energy into helping us newbie GCU artists. :)