Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This morning I finally trimmed the Corrieweb site.

Most of it had become very old hat (we added no new content since 2009 and that on itself looks very unprofessional!).
I know from experience that if I have to jump throught too many hoops (building a page in Dreamweaver, ftp it to the server etc.) I just won't keep up with it. A blog works better and faster.

I can't say goodbye to Corrieweb though, it has been with me since 1997 and a lot of people know the site. So it will stay up, but mainly as a portal to the rest of our projects.

So stay tuned to this blog (the one and only) to find out what I'm working on. I promise to be a good girl and post more regularly (yeah, you've hear that before). It will help now the behemoth is off my back.

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