Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Miss Smith & the Devil's Library

An action/adventure novel set in the late 19th century, this brand new offering from Nene Adams (to be published by PD Publishing - date to be announced) will thrill readers with its twists, turns and non-stop breathless action!

One chapter per week will be posted to the group. To reduce the possibility of spam, no one may send message to the group except Nene, but if you have a comment or question, you can write her directly: wynna1@yahoo.com

"Every Adventure Begins with a Single Step... and a Loaded Revolver"

Held at bay by an armed and desperate madman, librarian Felicity Smith thinks her troubles are over when she is rescued by the enigmatic Minerva Walcott, but within minutes of their meeting, Felicity is drugged, kidnapped, and whisked away from London to a stranger's house where she learns about a stolen book of prophecy and the cult led by a charismatic woman who will stop at nothing to get it, including murder. To save her missing father's life, Felicity crosses the Continent with Minerva following a string of clues that will lead her to the mysterious Maiden Prophecy... but only if she survives the journey.

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