Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Loonies on the Yukon

As you are reading this there is a monster race happening in Alaska, called the Yukon River Quest.

The 740-kilometer (460 mile) wilderness adventure paddling race is held on the Yukon river from Whitehorse to Dawson City in Canada's Yukon Territory. Held during the last week of June, the YRQ is known as the "Race to the Midnight Sun". Paddlers race round-the-clock, as the sky never gets dark. It is a true marathon with just two mandatory rest stops of 10 hours over the course of the entire event.

There are 71 teams from 10 countries (Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Great Britain, Japan, Latvia, Sweden and the USA) participating in tandem canoe, tandem kayak, solos and voyageur canoes.

One of these teams is an all female group from the USA called Loonies Les Femmes. This 8 women Alaskan/Texas blend is racing in a voyageur canoe. One of the team members is Nene's aunt Chris, a very enthausiastic first timer.

We are rooting for the fierce Loonies and hope they will finish in one piece and on time!
Aunt Christ is crazy about Alaska and Moose in particular, so I thought it very fitting to design a paddling moose in a YRQ canoe for the team.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Featured - 2 Giraffes

Our 2 giraffes stickers are featured on the Creative Artists Blog today. Thanks Emily :-)


This morning I finally trimmed the Corrieweb site.

Most of it had become very old hat (we added no new content since 2009 and that on itself looks very unprofessional!).
I know from experience that if I have to jump throught too many hoops (building a page in Dreamweaver, ftp it to the server etc.) I just won't keep up with it. A blog works better and faster.

I can't say goodbye to Corrieweb though, it has been with me since 1997 and a lot of people know the site. So it will stay up, but mainly as a portal to the rest of our projects.

So stay tuned to this blog (the one and only) to find out what I'm working on. I promise to be a good girl and post more regularly (yeah, you've hear that before). It will help now the behemoth is off my back.